Commit 9769c381 authored by POTTIER Francois's avatar POTTIER Francois

Modified [T] to use a single set of facts. This should be more compact.

parent 50e3eef4
......@@ -285,21 +285,28 @@ module T : sig
end = struct
(* We use a map of [target, z] to a map of [future, a] to facts. *)
module M1 =
type t = Lr1.node * Terminal.t
let compare (target1, z1) (target2, z2) =
let c = target1 target2 in
if c <> 0 then c else z1 z2
(* We store the set of facts as... a set of facts. This is more subtle than
it may first seem, though. Indeed, we need to query this set in two ways.
In [register], we need to test whether a fact already is a member of the
set. In [query], we need to find all facts that match a pair [target, z].
We set up the set of facts with a comparison function that considers
[target] and [z] first, then considers the rest of the data. (We note
that [future] determines [target]. This cannot be exploited here.) This
allows [query] to perform a range request, using [MySet.for_every]. *)
module M2 =
module M =
type t = fact
let compare fact1 fact2 =
let target1 = target fact1
and target2 = target fact2 in
let c = target1 target2 in
if c <> 0 then c else
let z1 = fact1.lookahead
and z2 = fact2.lookahead in
let c = z1 z2 in
if c <> 0 then c else
let c = fact1.future fact2.future in
if c <> 0 then c else
let a1 = W.first fact1.word fact1.lookahead
......@@ -307,28 +314,31 @@ end = struct a1 a2
let m : M2.t M1.t ref =
ref M1.empty
let r : M.t ref =
ref M.empty
let count = ref 0
let register fact =
let z = fact.lookahead in
update_ref m (fun m1 ->
M1.update M2.empty id (target fact, z) m1 (fun m2 ->
let m2' = M2.add fact m2 in
if m2 != m2' then
incr count;
update_ref r (fun m ->
(* We crucially rely on the fact that [M.add] guarantees not to
change the set if an ``equal'' fact already exists. Thus, a
later, longer path is ignored in favor of an earlier, shorter
path. *)
let m' = M.add fact m in
if m != m' then incr count;
let query target z f =
match M1.find (target, z) !m with
| m2 ->
M2.iter f m2
| exception Not_found ->
let query target1 z1 f =
let compare fact2 =
let target2 = target fact2 in
let c = target1 target2 in
if c <> 0 then c else
let z2 = fact2.lookahead in z1 z2
M.for_every compare !r f
let stats () =
Printf.fprintf stderr "T stores %d facts.\n%!" !count
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