Commit 8f1610ec authored by Jacques-Henri Jourdan's avatar Jacques-Henri Jourdan

No need to pass the archive to opam publish.

parent ae36b34b
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......@@ -271,14 +271,14 @@ COQ_MENHIRLIB_PUBLISH_OPTIONS := \
.PHONY: opam
# Publish an opam description for menhir.
@ opam publish -v $(DATE) $(THIS).opam $(ARCHIVE)
@ opam publish -v $(DATE) $(THIS).opam
# Publish an opam description for coq-menhirlib
# We first patch the opam file to add the strong dependency to the same version
# of opam
@ cp $(THIS_COQ_MENHIRLIB).opam $(THIS_COQ_MENHIRLIB).patched.opam
@ sed -i 's/"menhir" { = "dev" }/"menhir" { = "$(DATE)" }/g' $(THIS_COQ_MENHIRLIB).patched.opam
@ opam publish -v $(DATE) $(COQ_MENHIRLIB_PUBLISH_OPTIONS) $(THIS_COQ_MENHIRLIB).patched.opam
@ rm $(THIS_COQ_MENHIRLIB).patched.opam
# -------------------------------------------------------------------------
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