Commit 6fa6ad8c authored by POTTIER Francois's avatar POTTIER Francois

In the attic, added [AutomatonGraph], which draws the automaton as a .dot graph.

Also, moved [ReductionGraph] to the attic.
parent a1f390cc
(* Experimental code to produce a rendition of the automaton as a
directed graph. This code is currently not plugged in. *)
open Grammar
module G = struct
type vertex =
let number s : string =
string_of_int (Lr1.number s)
let name s =
Printf.sprintf "s%s" (number s)
let successors (action: ? -> label:string -> vertex -> unit) s : unit =
Lr1.transitions s |> SymbolMap.iter (fun symbol s' ->
action ~label:(Symbol.print symbol) s'
let iter (action: ? -> label:string -> vertex -> unit) : unit =
Lr1.iter (fun s ->
action ~label:(number s) s
let filename =
Printf.sprintf "" Settings.base
let () =
let c = open_out filename in
let module P = Dot.Print(G) in
P.print ~orientation:Dot.Portrait ~size:(8.,5.) c;
close_out c
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