Commit 6c87ce16 authored by POTTIER Francois's avatar POTTIER Francois

Create a new auxiliary function [is_inline_nonterminal].

Use it to simplify [find_inlining_site].
Also, simplify the result of [find_inlining_site].
parent 05014472
......@@ -141,30 +141,39 @@ let rename (used : StringSet.t) producers: Action.subst * producers =
phi, List.rev producers'
(* [is_inline_nonterminal grammar symbol] tells whether [symbol] is a nonterminal
symbol (as opposed to a terminal symbol) and is marked %inline. *)
let is_inline_nonterminal grammar symbol : bool =
match StringMap.find symbol grammar.rules with
| rule ->
(* This is a nonterminal symbol. Test its %inline flag. *)
| exception Not_found ->
(* This is a terminal symbol. *)
(* [find_inlining_site grammar (prefix, suffix)] traverses a list of producers
that is already decomposed as [List.rev prefix @ suffix]. It looks for the
first nonterminal symbol that can be inlined away. If it does not find one,
it raises [NoInlining]. *)
it raises [NoInlining]. If it does find one, it returns a decomposition of
the whole list of producers under the form [prefix @ producer :: suffix]. *)
let rec find_inlining_site grammar (prefix, suffix) =
match suffix with
| [] ->
raise NoInlining
| x :: xs ->
let nt = producer_symbol x
and id = producer_identifier x in
match StringMap.find nt grammar.rules with
| r when r.inline_flag ->
| producer :: suffix ->
let symbol = producer_symbol producer in
if is_inline_nonterminal grammar symbol then begin
(* We have checked earlier than an %inline symbol does not carry
any attributes. In addition, we now check that the use site of
this symbol does not carry any attributes either. Thus, we need
not worry about propagating these attributes through inlining. *)
check_no_producer_attributes x;
(* We inline the rule [r] into [b] between [prefix] and [xs]. *)
List.rev prefix, nt, r, id, xs
| _ ->
find_inlining_site grammar (x :: prefix, xs)
| exception Not_found ->
find_inlining_site grammar (x :: prefix, xs)
check_no_producer_attributes producer;
List.rev prefix, producer, suffix
find_inlining_site grammar (producer :: prefix, suffix)
(* Inline a grammar. The resulting grammar does not contain any definitions
that can be inlined. *)
......@@ -193,7 +202,10 @@ let inline grammar =
let rec expand_branch (b : branch) : branch ListMonad.m =
(* [c] is the identifier under which the callee is known. *)
let prefix, nt, p, c, suffix = find_inlining_site grammar ([], b.producers) in
let prefix, producer, suffix = find_inlining_site grammar ([], b.producers) in
let nt = producer_symbol producer in
let p = StringMap.find nt grammar.rules in (* cannot fail *)
let c = producer_identifier producer in
let p = expand_rule nt p in
(* These are the names of the producers in the host branch,
minus the producer that is being inlined away. *)
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