Commit 3834e19d authored by POTTIER Francois's avatar POTTIER Francois

Rename [$startpos] to [$endpos($0)] in host production if inner

production is epsilon and is inlined in front.
With this change, %inline seems to preserve positions!
parent 5f09f6de
......@@ -21,23 +21,25 @@ let index2id producers i =
assert false (* should not happen *)
(* [rename_sw_outer] transforms the keywords in the outer production (the
caller) during inlining. It looks for [$startpos(x)] and [$endpos(x)], where
[x] is the name of the callee, and replaces them with [startp] and [endp],
respectively. *)
(* It does not modify [$startpos] or [$endpos], of course, nor [$startpos(y)]
and [$endpos(y)] for some other [y]. It does not modify [$endpos($0)]. *)
let rename_sw_outer (x, startp, endp) (subject, where) : (subject * where) option =
match subject with
| Before
| Left ->
caller) during inlining. It replaces [$startpos(x)] and [$endpos(x)], where
[x] is the name of the callee, with [startpx] and [endpx], respectively. It
also replaces [$startpos] with [startp]. Although in most cases [startp]
will be [$startpos] -- so [$startpos] is not affected -- in the special
case where we are inlining an epsilon production in front of the outer
production, we must replace [$startpos] with [$endpos($0)]. *)
let rename_sw_outer (x, startpx, endpx, startp) (subject, where) : (subject * where) option =
match subject, where with
| Before, _
| Left, WhereEnd ->
| RightNamed x' ->
| Left, WhereStart ->
Some startp
| RightNamed x', _ ->
if x' = x then
match where with
| WhereStart -> Some startp
| WhereEnd -> Some endp
| WhereStart -> Some startpx
| WhereEnd -> Some endpx
......@@ -228,9 +230,24 @@ let inline grammar =
Before, WhereEnd
(* In the special case where the inner production is epsilon and
the prefix is empty, [$startpos] in the outer production must
be changed to [$endpos($0)] in order to preserve the semantics.
Indeed, if we do not do anything special, inlining causes the
inner production to disappear, so [$startpos] will be computed
based on the next element of the outer production, whereas in
the absence of inlining, it was computed by the epsilon production. *)
let outer_startp =
if inlined_producers = 0 && prefix = 0 then
Before, WhereEnd
Left, WhereStart
(* Rename the outer and inner semantic action. *)
let outer_action =
Action.rename (rename_sw_outer (c, startp, endp)) [] b.action
Action.rename (rename_sw_outer (c, startp, endp, outer_startp)) [] b.action
and action' =
Action.rename (rename_sw_inner (beforeendp, startp, endp)) phi pb.action
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