Commit 2bd4fb20 authored by Gabriel Scherer's avatar Gabriel Scherer

fix Hevea rendering of 'tabbing'

parent 3aca222e
......@@ -14,6 +14,13 @@ all: main.pdf
main.html: main.tex $(DEPS) $(wildcard *.hva)
hevea -fix main.tex
@# Hevea interprets 'tabbing' environment in a way
@# that creates spacing errors in the rendered output
@# of "textual version of derivation trees": it
@# asks for (padding:0px;) while the TeX rendering
@# inserts spacing between columns. Change this
@# to {padding:1px;}
sed -i s/cellpadding0/cellpadding1/ main.html
latexmk -pdf -pvc main
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