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Cleaned up and documented [IncrementalEngine.INSPECTION].

Also included the concrete definition of [xsymbol] in this signature.
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......@@ -90,25 +90,63 @@ module type INCREMENTAL_ENGINE = sig
(* TEMPORARY comment/document *)
(* This signature describes the inspection API that is made available to the
user when [--inspection] is used. *)
module type INSPECTION = sig
(* The type ['a lr1state] is meant to be the same as in [INCREMENTAL_ENGINE]. *)
type 'a lr1state
(* The type [production] is meant to be the same as in [INCREMENTAL_ENGINE].
It represents a production of the grammar. A production can be examined
via the functions [lhs] and [rhs] below. *)
type production
(* An LR(0) item is a pair of a production [prod] and a valid index [i] into
this production. That is, if the length of [rhs prod] is [n], then [i] is
comprised between 0 and [n], inclusive. *)
type item = private
production * int
(* The type ['a symbol] represents a (terminal or nonterminal) symbol of the
grammar. It is generated. The index ['a] represents the type of the
semantic values associated with this symbol. *)
type 'a symbol
type xsymbol
(* The type [xsymbol] is an existentially quantified version of the type
['a symbol]. *)
type xsymbol =
| X : 'a symbol -> xsymbol
(* [incoming_symbol s] is the incoming symbol of the state [s], that is,
the symbol that the parser must recognize before (has recognized when)
it enters the state [s]. This function gives access to the semantic
value [v] stored in a stack element [Element (s, v, _, _)]. Indeed,
by case analysis on the symbol [incoming_symbol s], one discovers the
type ['a] of the value [v]. *)
val incoming_symbol: 'a lr1state -> 'a symbol
(* [lhs prod] is the left-hand side of the production [prod]. This is
always a non-terminal symbol. *)
val lhs: production -> xsymbol
(* [rhs prod] is the right-hand side of the production [prod]. This is
a (possibly empty) sequence of (terminal or nonterminal) symbols. *)
val rhs: production -> xsymbol list
val items: 'a lr1state -> (production * int) list
(* [items s] is the set of the LR(0) items in the LR(0) core of the LR(1)
state [s]. This set is presented as a list, in an arbitrary order. *)
val items: 'a lr1state -> item list
......@@ -59,7 +59,10 @@ module Make (
items are then decoded by the function [export] below, which is
essentially a copy of [Item.export]. *)
let export t =
type item =
int * int
let export t : item =
(t lsr 7, t mod 128)
let items s =
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