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Manual: mention sedlex instead of ulex.

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......@@ -4600,7 +4600,7 @@ possible to convert them, after the fact, to a simpler, revised API. In the
revised API, there are no lexing buffers, and a lexer is just a function from
unit to tokens. Converters are provided by the library module
\menhirlibconvert. This can be useful, for instance, for users of
\texttt{ulex}, the Unicode lexer generator. Also, please note that \menhir's
\texttt{sedlex}, the Unicode-friendly lexer generator. Also, please note that \menhir's
incremental API (\sref{sec:incremental}) does not mention the type
\verb+Lexing.lexbuf+. In this API, the parser expects to be supplied with
triples of a token and start/end positions of type \verb+Lexing.position+.
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