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Commit ee536645 authored by POTTIER Francois's avatar POTTIER Francois
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Simplified a couple calls to [nullable_first_rhs].

parent b0704e4b
......@@ -217,15 +217,13 @@ module Run (T: sig end) = struct
Nonterminal.iterx (fun nt ->
fprintf f " | %s => %b\n"
(print_nterm nt)
(fst (Analysis.nullable_first_rhs (Array.of_list [Symbol.N nt]) 0)));
(Analysis.nullable nt));
fprintf f " end.\n\n";
fprintf f "Definition first_nterm (nt:nonterminal) : list terminal :=\n";
fprintf f " match nt with\n";
Nonterminal.iterx (fun nt ->
let firstSet =
snd (Analysis.nullable_first_rhs (Array.of_list [Symbol.N nt]) 0)
let firstSet = Analysis.first nt in
fprintf f " | %s => [" (print_nterm nt);
let first = ref true in
TerminalSet.iter (fun t ->
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