Commit e83cf947 authored by POTTIER Francois's avatar POTTIER Francois
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Makefile improvement and CHANGES entry.

parent 7d28b4ed
Makefile fix, undoing a change made on 2016/03/03, which caused installation
to fail under (some versions of?) Windows where dynamic linking is not
supported. (Reported by Andrew Appel.)
%on_error_reduce declarations now have implicit priority levels, so as to
tell Menhir what to do when two such declarations are applicable.
......@@ -42,10 +42,17 @@ bootstrap: .versioncheck stage1 stage2 stage3
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Checking the version of the OCaml compiler.
# We explicitly build checkOCamlVersion as an OCaml binary program,
# instead of running it as a script, because that would require
# #loading str.cma, which is not supported on (some versions of?)
# Windows.
@ echo Checking that OCaml is recent enough...
@$(OCAMLBUILD) -build-dir _stage1 checkOCamlVersion.byte
@ _stage1/checkOCamlVersion.byte --verbose --gt "4.02"
@ rm -rf _versioncheck
@$(OCAMLBUILD) -build-dir _versioncheck checkOCamlVersion.byte
@ _versioncheck/checkOCamlVersion.byte --verbose --gt "4.02"
@ rm -rf _versioncheck
@ touch $@
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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