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Commit e321670e authored by POTTIER Francois's avatar POTTIER Francois

Documentation clarification.

parent e3227661
......@@ -1719,7 +1719,11 @@ When an \ocamllex-generated lexical analyzer produces a token, it updates
two fields, named \verb+lex_start_p+ and \verb+lex_curr_p+, in its environment
record, whose type is \verb+Lexing.lexbuf+. Each of these fields holds a value
of type \verb+Lexing.position+. Together, they represent the token's start and
end positions within the text that is being scanned. A position consists
end positions within the text that is being scanned. These fields are read by
Menhir after calling the lexical analyzer, so \textbf{it is the lexical
analyzer's responsibility} to correctly set these fields.
A position consists
mainly of an offset (the position's \verb+pos_cnum+ field), but also holds
information about the current file name, the current line number, and the
current offset within the current line. (Not all \ocamllex-generated analyzers
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