Commit e2b4495a authored by POTTIER Francois's avatar POTTIER Francois
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parent 25c2d8cf
......@@ -786,14 +786,12 @@ let () =
ignore f
(* TODO:
in E, try a larger array and/or combine nt/a/z in just one word
can we store fewer facts when we hit a default reduction?
subject to --coverage
write to .coverage file
remove Coverage, remove CompletedNatWitness?, revert Fix
collect performance data, correlated with star size and alphabet size; draw a graph
count the unreachable states and see if they are numerous in practice
search github for .mly files (batch search? unique files?)
extension:mly in:path size:>10000 mly
(* One could approach the problem just by exploring the (infinite) graph whose
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