Commit e17c5c7f authored by POTTIER Francois's avatar POTTIER Francois
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Modify [Lr0] to hardcode the use of [CompressedBitSet] in only one place.

parent f014344d
......@@ -23,30 +23,32 @@ module InfiniteArray =
terminal symbols and of a number of set variables. Set variables as
encoded as integers. *)
module VarSet = CompressedBitSet
module SymbolicLookahead = struct
type t =
TerminalSet.t * CompressedBitSet.t
TerminalSet.t * VarSet.t
let constant toks =
(toks, CompressedBitSet.empty)
(toks, VarSet.empty)
let empty =
constant TerminalSet.empty
let union (toks1, vars1) ((toks2, vars2) as s2) =
let toks = TerminalSet.union toks1 toks2
and vars = CompressedBitSet.union vars1 vars2 in
and vars = VarSet.union vars1 vars2 in
if toks2 == toks && vars2 == vars then
(toks, vars)
let variable (var : int) : t =
(TerminalSet.empty, CompressedBitSet.singleton var)
(TerminalSet.empty, VarSet.singleton var)
let project (toks, vars) =
assert (CompressedBitSet.is_empty vars);
assert (VarSet.is_empty vars);
......@@ -333,7 +335,7 @@ let interpret
: TerminalSet.t =
assert (well_formed state);
CompressedBitSet.fold (fun var toks ->
VarSet.fold (fun var toks ->
assert (var >= 0 && var < Array.length toksr);
TerminalSet.union toksr.(var) toks
) vars toks
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