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Update to create the switch test-menhir if it doesn't exist.

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......@@ -11,9 +11,17 @@ TARBALL=$PACKAGE.tar.gz
# We use a dedicated opam switch where it is permitted to uninstall/reinstall
# Menhir.
if opam switch list | grep 'test-menhir' >/dev/null ; then
echo "The switch test-menhir already exists." ;
echo "Creating switch test-menhir..." ;
opam switch create test-menhir 4.10.0 ;
echo "Installing required packages..." ;
opam install --yes dune visitors coq ;
echo "Now switching to test-menhir..."
eval $(opam env --set-switch --switch test-menhir)
OPAMYES=true opam install coq dune
# Uninstall Menhir if it is installed.
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