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* About --list-errors and --interpret-error and --compile-errors and --compare-errors:
document these options
explain that any production that contains [error] is ignored by --list-errors
should --list-errors also print the sentence in concrete form? (as a comment)
Should --list-errors also print the sentence in concrete form? (as a comment)
requires knowing the concrete form of every token
document the .messages file format
document the workflow
collect performance data
correlate with star size and alphabet size, etc.
create separate graphs for 3 modes: --lalr, pager, --canonical
In Menhir's bootstrapped parser:
clean up parserMessages.messages for the canonical automaton
Improve --interpret-error by printing not just the state number
but also its description (items)
Could --interpret-error obey --trace?
In --list-errors and --interpret-error:
improve output by WARNING about any spurious reductions
(i.e. non-default reductions that take place at the end)
Add option --update-errors to update a .messages file with new auto-comments.
## auto-comment
* When dealing with errors, should we back up to the last shift action,
undoing any non-canonical reduce actions? if so, a lot of code is
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