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* Document the recent additions (CHANGES + doc).
- attributes in .mly files
rationale / purpose
syntax of attributes
placement of attributes
attributes are incompatible with %inline
how attributes are propagated during expansion of parameterized definitions
how %attribute is desugared
- ability to split a %public symbol, even within a single unit
- --cmly command line flag
- menhirSdk; document the .cmly API...?
- demo of menhirSdk: generate-printers
- menhirLib: new functions
loop_handle_undo, shifts, acceptable
......@@ -23,9 +13,10 @@
MenhirLib.Printers: incompatible type change of print_stack
deprecated streams, [stack], MenhirLib.General.
MenhirLib.ErrorReports: new module
- Change of LICENSE. Clarify the status of test/.
- Send CompCert pull request.
* Menhir's Web page should be folded back into the git repo's README.
* Move more of ErrorReports from CompCert to MenhirLib.
In [show], might want to apply [shorten] to the output of [f].
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