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# Parser Construction With Menhir: A Couple Appetizers
This post is a shameless advertisement for Menhir,
a parser generator for OCaml.
It illustrates Menhir's new input syntax,
which was introduced on November 12, 2018.
## Ingredients
Suppose I have the following terminal symbols:
......@@ -389,6 +394,15 @@ Yes, **LR(1) parsers can produce good syntax error messages**.
## References
The full source code of these two demos can be found
[here](../demos/calc-new-syntax-dune/parser.mly) and
The full source code of
[the first demo](
[the second demo](
is available online.
[A summary of the changes](
between the old and new syntaxes
is also available.
The syntax of Menhir is of course also documented in the
[reference manual](
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