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Turned [Grammar] into an application of [GrammarFunctor].

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This diff is collapsed.
(* This module transforms [Front.grammar], an abstract syntax tree for
the grammar, into an internal representation of the grammar that is
more usable. *)
(* The functor [Make] transforms an abstract syntax tree for the grammar into a
rich internal representation of the grammar. *)
(* The reason why this is now a functor, and the reason why its verbosity can
be controlled, is that we may wish to invoke it several times, e.g. on the
grammar before %inlining, and on the grammar after %inlining. 2015/11/10 *)
module Make (G : sig
(* An abstract syntax tree for the grammar. *)
val grammar: UnparameterizedSyntax.grammar
(* This flag indicates whether it is OK to produce warnings, verbose
information, etc., when this functor is invoked. If it is set to
[false], then only serious errors can be signaled. *)
val verbose: bool
end) : sig
(* ------------------------------------------------------------------------ *)
(* Nonterminals. *)
......@@ -512,3 +527,8 @@ end
val diagnostics: unit -> unit
(* ------------------------------------------------------------------------ *)
end (* module Make *)
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