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......@@ -509,13 +509,9 @@ let () =
Printf.fprintf stderr "Edges so far: %d\n" !es
does it make sense to use A*?
use [MINIMAL] and [Dijkstra] to compute an under-approximation of the distance
of any state [s'] to an entry state
It should work very well, because most of the time this should be a very good
under-approximation (it should be equal to the true distance).
(* TEMPORARY before optimizing further,
validate the results using the reference interpreter *)
also: first compute an optimistic path using the simple algorithm
and check if this path is feasible in the real automaton
......@@ -524,3 +520,10 @@ let () =
(* TEMPORARY implement and exploit [Lr1.ImperativeNodeMap] using an array *)
(* TEMPORARY the code in this module should run only if --coverage is set *)
(* TEMPORARY gain a constant factor by memoizing [nullable_first_prod]? *)
(* TEMPORARY gain some time and space by not memoizing "trivial" calls
e.g. when n = 0
e.g. when there is just one recursive call with i+1
(* TEMPORARY maybe cutoff didn't work because productions were not sorted by length? *)
(* TEMPORARY key idea? stop searching as soon as the lower bound predicted by [MINIMAL]
is reached *)
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