Commit d0c6100d authored by POTTIER Francois's avatar POTTIER Francois
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Memoise [Analysis.nullable_first_prod]. This has 15% global impact in [Coverage].

parent b118d56b
......@@ -1226,13 +1226,25 @@ module Analysis = struct
let first = FIRST.nonterminal
(* An initial definition of [nullable_first_prod]. *)
let nullable_first_prod prod i =
NULLABLE.production prod i,
FIRST.production prod i
(* A memoised version, so as to avoid recomputing along a production's
right-hand side. *)
let nullable_first_prod =
Misc.tabulate Production.n (fun prod ->
Misc.tabulate (Production.length prod + 1) (fun i ->
nullable_first_prod prod i
let first_prod_lookahead prod i z =
let first = FIRST.production prod i in
if NULLABLE.production prod i then
let nullable, first = nullable_first_prod prod i in
if nullable then
TerminalSet.add z first
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