Commit c7f8e4fb authored by POTTIER Francois's avatar POTTIER Francois

[Action]: replaced an [assert false] with an error message, as this

situation can actually happen.
parent b7212805
......@@ -97,7 +97,17 @@ let rename_pkeywords (psym, first_prod, last_prod) phi l =
(* Similarly for $endpos. *)
| Left, WhereEnd -> last_prod, (used1, true)
(* $i cannot be combined with inlining. *)
| RightDollar _, _ -> assert false
| RightDollar i, _ ->
(* This error message is not great, especially without
a location, but that's better than [assert false]. *)
let msg =
Printf.sprintf "$%s%s($%d) in an %%inline definition is not supported.\n\
Please replace $%d with an appropriate name."
(match where with WhereStart -> "start" | WhereEnd -> "end")
(match flavor with FlavorOffset -> "ofs" | FlavorPosition -> "pos")
i i
Error.error [] msg
| RightNamed s, w ->
(* In the host rule, $startpos(x) is changed to
to $startpos(first_prod) (same thing for $endpos). *)
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