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Commit c771da95 authored by POTTIER Francois's avatar POTTIER Francois
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......@@ -2747,10 +2747,10 @@ The generated file contains several modules:
The type of the terminal symbols is an inductive type, with one constructor
for each terminal symbol. A~terminal symbol per se does not carry a the
semantic value. We also define the type \verb+token+ of tokens, i.e.,
semantic value. We also define the type \verb+token+ of tokens, that is,
dependent pairs of a terminal symbol and a semantic value of an appropriate
type for this symbol. We model the lexer as an object of type
\verb+Streams.Stream token+, i.e., an infinite stream of tokens.
\verb+Streams.Stream token+, that is, an infinite stream of tokens.
The proof of termination of an LR(1) parser in the case of invalid input seems
far from obvious. We did not find such a proof in the literature. In an
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