Commit c71bf554 authored by POTTIER Francois's avatar POTTIER Francois
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Revert "Turn off --infer silently if --compile-errors or other similar flags are set."

This reverts commit 4260fe03eed26efcaf6d4f117190f6e82d1dcaa5.
parent 96a6caea
......@@ -261,15 +261,6 @@ let () =
exit 0
(* ------------------------------------------------------------------------- *)
(* Semi-hack: for some specific requests, such as [--interpret-error],
[--list-errors] and [--compile-errors], there is no need to use [--infer].
We turn it off silently. This may help avoid dependency nightmares. *)
let () =
if !interpret_error || !list_errors || !compile_errors <> None then
infer := false
(* ------------------------------------------------------------------------- *)
(* Menhir is able to suggest compile and link flags to be passed to the
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