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Commit c50ccbcd authored by POTTIER Francois's avatar POTTIER Francois
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Exposed [nullable] in [Grammar.Analysis].

parent 3743df74
......@@ -1092,6 +1092,8 @@ let rec convert = function
module Analysis = struct
let nullable = Array.get nullable
let nullable_first_rhs = nullable_first_rhs
let explain_first_rhs (tok : Terminal.t) (rhs : Symbol.t array) (i : int) =
......@@ -363,6 +363,12 @@ end
module Analysis : sig
(* [nullable nt] is the NULLABLE flag of the non-terminal symbol [nt].
That is, it is true if and only if this symbol produces the empty
word [epsilon]. *)
val nullable: Nonterminal.t -> bool
(* [nullable_first_rhs rhs i] considers the string of symbols found at
offset [i] in the array [rhs]. It returns its NULLABLE flag as well
as its FIRST set. The offset [i] must be contained between [0] and
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