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Commit be7b4b48 authored by POTTIER Francois's avatar POTTIER Francois
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Some cleanup and comments in [Action].

parent 35bb4a0a
......@@ -51,32 +51,37 @@ let compose x a1 a2 =
pkeywords = [] (* don't bother; already checked *)
(* Renaming of keywords, used during inlining. *)
(* Substitutions, represented as association lists.
In principle, no name appears twice in the domain. *)
type sw =
Keyword.subject * Keyword.where
type keyword_renaming =
string * sw * sw
type subst =
(string * string) list
let apply phi s =
let apply (phi : subst) (s : string) : string =
List.assoc s phi
with Not_found ->
let apply_subject phi = function
let apply_subject (phi : subst) (subject : subject) : subject =
match subject with
| Left ->
| RightNamed s ->
RightNamed (apply phi s)
Printf.printf "outer renaming of %s to %s\n%!"
(posvar subject where FlavorPosition)
(posvar subject' where' FlavorPosition)
let extend x y (phi : subst ref) =
assert (not (List.mem_assoc x !phi));
if x <> y then
phi := (x, y) :: !phi
(* Renaming of keywords, used during inlining. *)
type sw =
Keyword.subject * Keyword.where
type keyword_renaming =
string * sw * sw
let rename_sw_outer
((psym, first_prod, last_prod) : keyword_renaming)
......@@ -100,63 +105,60 @@ let rename_sw_inner
| Left, WhereEnd -> Some last_prod
| RightNamed _, _ -> None
let rename_keyword
(f : sw -> sw option)
keyword : keyword =
(* [rename_keyword f phi keyword] applies the function [f] to possibly change
the keyword [keyword]. If [f] decides to change this keyword (by returning
[Some _]) then this decision is obeyed. Otherwise, the keyword is renamed
by the substitution [phi]. In either case, [phi] is extended with a
renaming decision. *)
let rename_keyword (f : sw -> sw option) (phi : subst ref) keyword : keyword =
match keyword with
| SyntaxError -> SyntaxError
| SyntaxError ->
| Position (subject, where, flavor) ->
let (subject', where') =
match f (subject, where) with
| Some sw' -> sw'
| None -> apply_subject !phi subject, where
let from_pos = Keyword.posvar subject where flavor
and to_pos = Keyword.posvar subject' where' flavor in
if from_pos <> to_pos then
phi := (from_pos, to_pos) :: !phi;
Position (subject', where', flavor)
(* Rename the keywords related to position to handle the composition
of semantic actions during non terminal inlining.
The first argument describes the context:
- [first_prod] is the first producer that starts the action's rule.
- [last_prod] is the last one.
For instance, if %inline rule r is A -> B C and rule r' is D -> E A F,
then [first_prod] is B and [last_prod] is C.
If r is A -> and r' is unchanged. [first_prod] is E and [last_prod] is F.
- [psym] is the producer that is being inlined.
let rename f renaming phi a =
let subject', where' =
match f (subject, where) with
| Some (subject', where') ->
subject', where'
| None ->
apply_subject !phi subject, where
(Keyword.posvar subject where flavor)
(Keyword.posvar subject' where' flavor)
Position (subject', where', flavor)
(* [rename f phi a] applies to the semantic action [a] the renaming [phi]
as well as the renaming decisions made by the function [f]. [f] is
applied to (not-yet-renamed) keywords and may decide to change them
(by returning [Some _]). *)
let rename f phi a =
(* Rename all keywords, growing [phi] as we go. *)
let keywords = a.keywords in
let phi = ref phi in
let keywords = (rename_keyword (f renaming) phi) keywords
let keywords = (rename_keyword f phi) keywords in
let phi = !phi in
{ a with
(* We use the let construct to rename without modification of the semantic
action code. *)
expr =
IL.ELet ( (fun (x, x') -> (IL.PVar x, IL.EVar x')) phi,
(* Construct a new semantic action, where [phi] is translated into
a series of [let] bindings. *)
let phi = (fun (x, y) -> IL.PVar x, IL.EVar y) phi in
let expr = IL.ELet (phi, a.expr) in
(* Keywords related to positions are updated too. *)
pkeywords = []; (* don't bother *)
keywords = keywords;
expr = expr;
filenames = a.filenames;
pkeywords = []; (* don't bother *)
keywords = keywords;
let rename_outer =
rename rename_sw_outer
let rename_outer renaming =
rename (rename_sw_outer renaming)
let rename_inner =
rename rename_sw_inner
let rename_inner renaming =
rename (rename_sw_inner renaming)
let to_il_expr action =
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