Commit bae5fbaf authored by POTTIER Francois's avatar POTTIER Francois

Improved the error message for a reduce/reduce conflict with no default choice.

parent 06d93cdd
......@@ -920,11 +920,14 @@ let rec best choice = function
| Some choice ->
best choice prods
| None ->
(* The cause for not knowing which production is best could be:
1- the productions originate in different source files;
2- they are derived, via inlining, from the same production. *)
(Production.positions choice @ Production.positions prod)
"will not resolve reduce/reduce conflict between\n\
productions that originate in distinct source files:\n%s\n%s"
"do not know how to resolve a reduce/reduce conflict\n\
between the following two productions:\n%s\n%s"
(Production.print choice)
(Production.print prod));
choice (* dummy *)
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