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......@@ -14,6 +14,9 @@
* Move more of ErrorReports from CompCert to MenhirLib.
In [show], might want to apply [shorten] to the output of [f].
* Clean up the calc-inspection demo, which uses an undocumented/unfinished
approach to error reporting.
* clean up this TODO file! and use gitlab issues for known bugs?
* Contribute ocamlbuild rules for dealing with .messages files.
......@@ -77,6 +80,13 @@
et l'API d'inspection, les règles anonymes, la gestion fine des
erreurs de syntaxe...
* Document the fact that (ocaml)yacc and Menhir do not have the same
behavior concerning default reductions (one performs the default
reduction *before* calling the lexer, the other does it the other
way around). The difference is observable only when the semantic
action has a side effect which influences the lexer (i.e., only
when there is a "lexer hack").
* Pénible que l'API d'inspection ne donne pas accès
à l'état courant lorsque la pile est vide (état initial donc).
Pourrait-on exposer cet état? Polymorphe? incoming_symbol
......@@ -172,3 +182,7 @@
* dans le dump de l'automate, rajouter les transitions qui ont
ete supprimees par resolution de conflits. Afficher aussi les
réductions par défaut?
* Read Chen and Pager's paper, "An Extension Of The Unit Production
Elimination Algorithm", and find out whether such an optimization
would be useful (beneficial) in the context of Menhir.
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