Commit b7212805 authored by POTTIER Francois's avatar POTTIER Francois

Big comment on [--depend] and [--infer] and their interaction.

parent e5707ec1
......@@ -91,6 +91,38 @@ let () =
| Settings.OMNone ->
(* [--depend] is really a strange hack: we are expected to be able to predict
the dependencies exhibited by the [.ml] and [.mli] files produced by
Menhir, *without* actually producing these files, because we cannot yet
produce them. (If [--infer] is enabled, producing these files would require
consulting certain [.cmi] files that may not exist yet.) *)
(* Remarks. 1- If [make] was not brain-dead, we would not have to do this in
the first place. A good compilation manager should be able to mix the
production of targets and the dependency analysis. Apparently, by this
definition, [ocamlbuild] is brain-dead too: it uses [menhir --raw-depend].
2- We are able to do this because we can produce mock [.ml] and [.mli]
files that exhibit the same dependencies as the real ones. This allows us
to run [ocamldep] on these mock files and obtain correct depdendency
information. Traditionally, our mock [.mli] file was in fact the final
[.mli] file, and our mock [.ml] file contained just the semantic actions
and nothing else. (But see 4- below.)
3- If both [--depend] and [--infer] are enabled, we must effectively ignore
[--infer] and perform the dependency computation without attempting to
perform type inference. Indeed, as mentioned above, that would require
consulting certain [.cmi] files that may not exist yet.
4- As of 2014/12/17, we would like to produce as part of the [.mli] file
a type [nonterminal] which lists all nonterminal symbols together with
their OCaml type. This typically requires [--infer]. Thus, this implies
that the mock [.mli] file can no longer be the same as the final [.mli]
file; the mock cannot contain the type [nonterminal]. As a result, maybe
the dependencies (computed based on the mock) will be incomplete. Which
would be a problem (failure to build). I am not sure at the moment how
to address this problem. *)
(* ------------------------------------------------------------------------- *)
(* If [--infer] was specified on the command line, perform type inference.
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