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Updated CHANGES.

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New declaration "%on_error_reduce foo", where foo is a nonterminal symbol.
This modifies the automaton as follows. In every state where a production of
the form "foo -> ..." is ready to be reduced, every error action is replaced
with a reduction of this production. (If there is a conflict between several
productions that could be reduced in this manner, nothing is done.) This does
not affect the language that is accepted by the automaton, but delays the
detection of an error: more reductions take place before the error is
Fixed a bug whereby Menhir would warn about a useless %prec declaration,
even though it was useful. This would happen when the declaration was
duplicated (by inlining or by macro-expansion) and some but not all of
the copies were useful.
Added [has_default_reduction] to the incremental API.
Modified the meaning of --canonical to allow default reductions to take
place. There implies no loss of precision in terms of lookahead sets,
and should allow gaining more contextual information when a syntax
error is encountered. (It should also lead to a smaller automaton.)
New option --list-errors, which produces a list of input sentences which
A brand new set of tools to work on syntax errors.
New command --list-errors, which produces a list of input sentences which
are representative of all possible syntax errors. (Costly.)
New option --interpret-error, which confirms that one particular input
New command --interpret-error, which confirms that one particular input
sentence ends in a syntax error, and prints the number of the state in
which this error occurs.
New command --compile-errors, which compiles a list of erroneous sentences
(together with error messages) to OCaml code.
New command --compare-errors, which compares two lists of erroneous sentences
to check if they cover the same error states.
New command --update-errors, which updates the auto-generated comments in
a list of erroneous sentences.
New command --echo-errors, which removes all comments and messages from
a list of erroneous sentences, and echoes just the sentences.
Additions to the incremental API.
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