Commit ade16d61 authored by POTTIER Francois's avatar POTTIER Francois

Update [SortInference] to impose constraints on toplevel declarations.

parent 0d44f2c0
......@@ -180,7 +180,26 @@ let check_grammar env g =
StringMap.iter (fun nt position ->
let sym = Positions.with_pos position nt in
unify sym star (find nt env)
) g.p_start_symbols
) g.p_start_symbols;
(* Every symbol that appears in a [%type] declaration must have sort [star]. *)
List.iter (fun (param, _) ->
check_parameter env param star
) g.p_types;
(* Same rule for [%on_error_reduce] declarations. *)
List.iter (fun (param, _) ->
check_parameter env param star
) g.p_on_error_reduce;
(* The symbols that appear in [%attribute] declarations must be well-sorted.
Their sort is not necessarily [star]: it is legal to attach an attribute
with a parameterized symbol. *)
List.iter (fun (params, _) ->
List.iter (fun param ->
check_parameter env param (fresh())
) params
) g.p_symbol_attributes
(* -------------------------------------------------------------------------- *)
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