Commit aa336ec2 authored by POTTIER Francois's avatar POTTIER Francois
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A bit of code in [ReferenceInterpreter], for use by [Coverage]. Unfinished.

parent ea730513
......@@ -223,3 +223,28 @@ let interpret log nt lexer lexbuf =
Some (E.entry (Lr1.entry_nt nt) lexer lexbuf)
with T.Error ->
(* Another entry point, used internally by [Coverage] to check that the
sentences that [Coverage] produces do lead to an error in the expected
state. *)
let _check nt (_path : Terminal.t list) (_z : Terminal.t) =
(* Instantiate the LR engine. *)
let module E =
MenhirLib.Engine.Make (struct
include T
let log = false
(* Run it. *)
let _s = Lr1.entry_nt nt in
(* TEMPORARY use the incremental API to drive the engine, step by step,
up to the expected error. *)
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