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Parameterize [E.query] with [foreach] instead of [otarget].

Looks nicer / more general. May save some allocations.
parent f659a385
......@@ -817,13 +817,15 @@ module E : sig
quadruple [s, nt, a, z] is new. The symbol [z] cannot be [any]. *)
val register: Lr1.node -> Nonterminal.t -> W.word -> Terminal.t -> bool
(* [query s nt a otarget] enumerates all words [w] and all real symbols [z]
(* [query s nt a foreach] enumerates all words [w] and all real symbols [z]
such that, in state [s], the outgoing edge labeled [nt] can be taken by
consuming the word [w], under the assumption that the next symbol is [z],
and the first symbol of the word [w.z] is [a]. The symbol [a] can be [any].
If the state [otarget] is provided, then only the symbols [z] that cannot
cause an error in this state are listed. *)
val query: Lr1.node -> Nonterminal.t -> Terminal.t -> Lr1.node option ->
The function [foreach] can be either [foreach_terminal] or of the form
[foreach_terminal_not_causing_an_error _]. It limits the symbols [z] that
are considered. *)
val query: Lr1.node -> Nonterminal.t -> Terminal.t ->
(* foreach: *) ((Terminal.t -> unit) -> unit) ->
(W.word -> Terminal.t -> unit) -> unit
(* [size()] returns the number of edges currently stored in the set. *)
......@@ -880,24 +882,17 @@ end = struct
let rec query s nt a target f =
let rec query s nt a foreach f =
if Terminal.equal a any then begin
(* If [a] is [any], we query the table for every real symbol [a].
We can limit ourselves to symbols that do not cause an error
in state [s]. Those that do certainly do not have an entry;
see the assertion in [register] above. *)
foreach_terminal_not_causing_an_error s (fun a ->
query s nt a target f
query s nt a foreach f
let foreach =
match target with
| None ->
| Some target ->
foreach_terminal_not_causing_an_error target
foreach (fun z ->
assert (Terminal.real z);
let i = index s in
......@@ -1041,7 +1036,8 @@ let new_fact fact =
However, allowing [z] to be [any] in [E.query], and taking
advantage of this to increase performance, seems difficult. *)
E.query current nt lookahead (Some target) (fun w z ->
let foreach = foreach_terminal_not_causing_an_error target in
E.query current nt lookahead foreach (fun w z ->
assert (compatible lookahead (W.first w z));
let word = W.append word w in
enqueue child word z
......@@ -1227,7 +1223,7 @@ module A = Astar.Make(struct
of the word [w.z'] is [z]. For every [z'] and [w] that
fulfill these requirements, we have an edge to [s', z'],
labeled with the word [w]. *)
E.query s nt z None (fun w z' ->
E.query s nt z foreach_terminal (fun w z' ->
edge w (W.length w) (s', z')
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