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Manual: fix some pointers to the demos.

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......@@ -1011,8 +1011,8 @@ The identity semantic action \dpfidentityaction is here synonymous with
Other illustrations of the new syntax can be found in
the directories \distrib{demos/calc-new-syntax-dune}
and \distrib{demos/calc-ast-dune}.
the directories \distrib{demos/calc-new-syntax}
and \distrib{demos/calc-ast}.
\section{Advanced features}
......@@ -4479,13 +4479,13 @@ into a single parser,
say \verb+parser.{ml,mli}+,
create a file named \verb+parser.mlypack+
that contains the module names \verb+A B+.
See the \distrib{demos} directory for examples.
See the directory \distrib{demos/ocamlbuild} for examples.
To deal with \messages files (\sref{sec:errors:new}),
use the rules provided in the file \distrib{demos/ocamlbuild/}.
% Advanced scenario: to use --only-tokens and -external-tokens,
% use .mlypack + _tags + Not explained here,
% but \distrib{demos/calc-two} contains an example.
% but \distrib{demos/ocamlbuild/calc-two} contains an example.
\question{How do I use \menhir with \dune?} Please use \dune version 1.4.0
or newer, as it has appropriate built-in rules for Menhir parsers. In the
......@@ -4504,7 +4504,7 @@ instead, write \texttt{(infer true)} or \texttt{(infer false)}, as done above.
(The default is \texttt{true}.) Ordinary command line switches, like \oexplain
and \odump, are passed as part of the \texttt{flags} line, as done above.
The directory \distrib{demos/calc-dune}
The directory \distrib{demos/calc}
% (and others like it)
offers an example.
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