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Commit a5134dec authored by POTTIER Francois's avatar POTTIER Francois
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Inlined [Printer.functorparams] at its two call sites and simplified.

parent 5287555a
......@@ -614,28 +614,13 @@ let block format body f b =
) b
let structend body f b =
block "struct%aend" body f b
let sigend body f b =
block "sig%aend" body f b
let functorparams intf body b f params =
match params with
| [] ->
body f b
| _ ->
fprintf f "module Make%a%t%s %a%t"
(list (stretch false) nl) params
nl (if intf then ":" else "=")
(if intf then sigend body else structend body) b
let rec structure_item f = function
| SIFunctor ([], s) ->
structure f s
| SIFunctor (_ :: _ as params, s) ->
functorparams false structure s f params
fprintf f "module Make%a%t= %a%t"
(list (stretch false) nl) params nl
structend s nl
| SIExcDefs defs ->
excdefs false f defs
| SITypeDefs defs ->
......@@ -647,6 +632,9 @@ let rec structure_item f = function
| SIModuleDef (name, rhs) ->
fprintf f "module %s = %a%t%t" name modexpr rhs nl nl
and structend f s =
block "struct%aend" structure f s
and structure f s =
list structure_item nothing f s
......@@ -654,25 +642,10 @@ and modexpr f = function
| MVar x ->
fprintf f "%s" x
| MStruct s ->
structend structure f s
structend f s
| MApp (e1, e2) ->
fprintf f "%a (%a)" modexpr e1 modexpr e2
let program f p =
functorparams false program p X.f p.paramdefs;
fprintf f "%a%a"
(excdefs false) p.excdefs
typedefs p.typedefs;
List.iter (stretch false f) p.prologue;
fprintf f "%a%a%a"
(valdefs false) p.nonrecvaldefs
(list moduledef nothing) p.moduledefs
(valdefs true) p.valdefs;
List.iter (stretch false f) p.postlogue
let valdecl f (x, ts) =
fprintf f "val %s: %a%t%t" x typ ts.body nl nl
......@@ -690,7 +663,7 @@ let rec module_type f = function
module_type mt
(indent 2 with_type) (name, wk, t)
| MTSigEnd i ->
sigend interface f i
sigend f i
and with_type f (name, wk, t) =
fprintf f "with type %s %a %a"
......@@ -702,7 +675,9 @@ and interface_item f = function
| IIFunctor ([], i) ->
interface f i
| IIFunctor (_ :: _ as params, i) ->
functorparams true interface i f params
fprintf f "module Make%a%t: %a%t"
(list (stretch false) nl) params nl
sigend i nl
| IIExcDecls defs ->
excdefs true f defs
| IITypeDecls defs ->
......@@ -716,6 +691,9 @@ and interface_item f = function
| IIComment comment ->
fprintf f "(* %s *)%t" comment nl
and sigend f i =
block "sig%aend" interface f i
and interface f i =
list interface_item nothing f i
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