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# Changes
## 2017/03/24
## 2017/XX/XX
* Changed Menhir's license from QPL to GPLv2. MenhirLib remains under LGPLv2.
* Changed Menhir's license from QPL to GPLv2.
MenhirLib remains under LGPLv2, with a linking exception.
## 2017/01/20
* Moved the repository to
* Introduced a new command line switch, `--cmly`, which causes Menhir to
create a `.cmly` file, containing a description of the grammar and
automaton. (Suggested by Frédéric Bour.)
* Introduced a new library, MenhirSdk, which allows reading a `.cmly` file.
The purpose of this library is to allow external tools to take advantage
of the work performed by Menhir's front-end. (Suggested by Frédéric Bour.)
* Introduced new syntax for attributes in a `.mly` file. Attributes are
ignored by Menhir's back-ends, but are written to `.cmly` files, thus
can be exploited by external tools via MenhirSdk. (Suggested by Frédéric Bour.)
* Improved the syntax error message that is displayed when a `.mly` file
is incorrect: the previous and next token are shown.
* Fixed a bug where the module name `Basics` was shadowed (that is, if the user's
project happened to contain a toplevel module by this name, then it could not
be referred to from an `.mly` file). (Reported by François Thiré.)
be referred to from a `.mly` file). (Reported by François Thiré.)
## 2017/01/01
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