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Document attribute declarations in Figure 1 of the manual.

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......@@ -368,6 +368,8 @@ must be fully qualified.
&& \dright \sepspacelist{\nt{uid}} \\
&& \dtype \ocamltype \sepspacelist{\nt{lid}} \\
&& \dstart \optional{\ocamltype} \sepspacelist{\nt{lid}} \\
&& \dattribute \sepspacelist{\nt{actual}} \sepspacelist{\nt{attribute}} \\
&& \kw{\%} \nt{attribute} \\ % a grammar-wide attribute
&& \donerrorreduce \sepspacelist{\nt{lid}} \\
\nt{rule} \is
......@@ -392,6 +394,10 @@ must be fully qualified.
\nt{id} \optional{\dlpar\sepcommalist{\nt{actual}}\drpar} \\
&& \nt{actual} \optional{\dquestion \barre \dplus \barre \dstar} \\
&& \seplist{\ \barre}{\nt{group}} % not really allowed everywhere
\nt{attribute} \is
\kw{[@} \nt{name} \nt{payload} \kw{]}
......@@ -517,6 +523,16 @@ of $\nt{lid}_1, \ldots, \nt{lid}_n$ becomes the name of a function whose
signature is published in the \mli file and that can be used to invoke
the parser.
\subsubsection{Attribute declarations}
Attribute declarations
of the form
\dattribute \sepspacelist{\nt{actual}} \sepspacelist{\nt{attribute}}
\kw{\%} \nt{attribute}
are explained
in \sref{sec:attributes}.
\subsubsection{Extra reductions on error}
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