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Add the flag --cmly, which causes a .cmly file to be written.

Also add dead code to make sure that [Cmly_read] is typechecked.
parent 0190551f
......@@ -35,6 +35,18 @@ let write program =
end) in
P.program program
(* If requested, generate a .cmly file. *)
let () =
if Settings.cmly then
Cmly_write.write (Settings.base ^ ".cmly")
(* The following DEAD code forces [Cmly_read] to be typechecked. *)
let () =
if false then
let module R = Cmly_read.Read (struct let filename = "" end) in
(* Construct the code, using either the table-based or the code-based
back-end, and pass it on to the printer. (This continuation-passing
style is imposed by the fact that there is no conditional in ocaml's
......@@ -62,4 +74,3 @@ let () =
let () =
Time.tick "Printing"
......@@ -217,9 +217,13 @@ let echo_errors =
let set_echo_errors filename =
echo_errors := Some filename
let cmly =
ref false
let options = Arg.align [
"--base", Arg.Set_string base, "<basename> Specifies a base name for the output file(s)";
"--canonical", Arg.Unit (fun () -> construction_mode := ModeCanonical), " Construct a canonical Knuth LR(1) automaton";
"--cmly", Arg.Set cmly, " Write a .cmly file";
"--comment", Arg.Set comment, " Include comments in the generated code";
"--compare-errors", Arg.String add_compare_errors, "<filename> (used twice) Compare two .messages files.";
"--compile-errors", Arg.String set_compile_errors, "<filename> Compile a .messages file to OCaml code.";
......@@ -227,19 +231,19 @@ let options = Arg.align [
"--coq-no-complete", Arg.Set coq_no_complete, " Do not generate a proof of completeness";
"--coq-no-actions", Arg.Set coq_no_actions, " Ignore semantic actions in the Coq output";
"--depend", Arg.Unit (fun () -> depend := OMPostprocess), " Invoke ocamldep and display dependencies";
"--dump", Arg.Set dump, " Describe the automaton in <basename>.automaton";
"--dump", Arg.Set dump, " Write an .automaton file";
"--echo-errors", Arg.String set_echo_errors, "<filename> Echo the sentences in a .messages file";
"--error-recovery", Arg.Set recovery, " (no longer supported)";
"--explain", Arg.Set explain, " Explain conflicts in <basename>.conflicts";
"--external-tokens", Arg.String codeonly, "<module> Import token type definition from <module>";
"--fixed-exception", Arg.Set fixedexc, " Declares Error = Parsing.Parse_error";
"--follow-construction", Arg.Set follow, " (undocumented)";
"--graph", Arg.Set graph, " Write grammar's dependency graph to <basename>.dot";
"--infer", Arg.Set infer, " Invoke ocamlc for ahead of time type inference";
"--inspection", Arg.Set inspection, " Generate the inspection API (requires --table)";
"--graph", Arg.Set graph, " Write a dependency graph to a .dot file";
"--infer", Arg.Set infer, " Invoke ocamlc to do type inference";
"--inspection", Arg.Set inspection, " Generate the inspection API";
"--interpret", Arg.Set interpret, " Interpret the sentences provided on stdin";
"--interpret-show-cst", Arg.Set interpret_show_cst, " Show a concrete syntax tree upon acceptance";
"--interpret-error", Arg.Set interpret_error, " Interpret one sentence that should end in an error";
"--interpret-error", Arg.Set interpret_error, " Interpret an error sentence";
"--lalr", Arg.Unit (fun () -> construction_mode := ModeLALR), " Construct an LALR(1) automaton";
"--list-errors", Arg.Set list_errors, " Produce a list of erroneous inputs";
"--log-automaton", Arg.Set_int logA, "<level> Log information about the automaton";
......@@ -259,7 +263,7 @@ let options = Arg.align [
"--only-preprocess-u", Arg.Unit (fun () -> preprocess_mode := PMOnlyPreprocess (PrintUnitActions false)),
" Print grammar with unit actions and exit";
"--only-preprocess-uu", Arg.Unit (fun () -> preprocess_mode := PMOnlyPreprocess (PrintUnitActions true)),
" Print grammar with unit actions & tokens and exit";
" Print grammar with unit actions & tokens";
"--only-tokens", Arg.Unit tokentypeonly, " Generate token type definition only, no code";
"--raw-depend", Arg.Unit (fun () -> depend := OMRaw), " Invoke ocamldep and echo its raw output";
"--stdlib", Arg.Set_string stdlib_path, "<directory> Specify where the standard library lies";
......@@ -273,10 +277,10 @@ let options = Arg.align [
"--suggest-menhirLib", Arg.Unit (fun () -> suggestion := SuggestWhereIsMenhirLibSource),
" Suggest where is MenhirLib";
"--suggest-ocamlfind", Arg.Unit (fun () -> suggestion := SuggestUseOcamlfind),
" Show whether Menhir was installed using ocamlfind";
" Show if Menhir was installed using ocamlfind";
"--table", Arg.Set table, " Use the table-based back-end";
"--timings", Arg.Set timings, " Display internal timings";
"--trace", Arg.Set trace, " Include tracing instructions in the generated code";
"--trace", Arg.Set trace, " Generate tracing instructions";
"--unused-token", Arg.String ignore_unused_token, "<token> Do not warn that <token> is unused";
"--unused-tokens", Arg.Set ignore_all_unused_tokens, " Do not warn about any unused token";
"--update-errors", Arg.String set_update_errors, "<filename> Update auto-comments in a .messages file";
......@@ -503,3 +507,6 @@ let update_errors =
let echo_errors =
let cmly =
......@@ -207,3 +207,8 @@ val update_errors: string option
no comments). *)
val echo_errors: string option
(* This flag causes Menhir to produce a [.cmly] file, which contains a
binary-format description of the grammar and automaton. *)
val cmly: bool
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