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Clean up [new_edge].

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......@@ -730,25 +730,45 @@ end
(* ------------------------------------------------------------------------ *)
(* [new_edge s nt w z] is invoked when we discover that in the state [s], the
outgoing edge labeled [nt] can be taken by consuming the word [w], under
the assumption that the next symbol is [z]. We check whether this quadruple
already exists in the set [E]. If not, then we add it, and we compute its
consequences, in the form of new facts, which we insert into the priority
queue for later examination. *)
let new_edge s nt w z =
assert (Terminal.real z);
if E.register s nt w z then
let sym = Symbol.N nt in
(* Query [T] for existing facts which could be extended by following
this newly discovered edge. They must be facts whose current state
is [s] and whose lookahead assumption is compatible with [a]. For
each such fact, ... *)
T.query s (W.first w z) (fun fact ->
assert (compatible fact.lookahead (W.first w z));
(* ... try to take one step in the trie along an edge labeled [nt]. *)
match Trie.step sym fact.position with
| position ->
(* This takes up to a new state whose incoming symbol is [nt].
Hence, this state is not solid. In order to satisfy invariant 2,
we must create fact whose lookahead assumption is not [any].
That's fine, since our lookahead assumption is [z]. In order to
satisfy invariant 1, we must check that [z] does not cause an
error in this state. *)
assert (not (is_solid (Trie.current position)));
if not (causes_an_error (Trie.current position) z) then
add {
word = W.append fact.word w;
lookahead = z
let word = W.append fact.word w in
add { position; word; lookahead = z }
| exception Not_found ->
(* Could not take a step in the trie. This means this branch
leads nowhere of interest, and was pruned when the trie
was constructed. *)
(* ------------------------------------------------------------------------ *)
(* [consequences fact] is invoked when we discover a new fact (i.e., one that
was not previously known). It studies the consequences of this fact. These
consequences are of two kinds:
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