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More info on the test suite in

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......@@ -20,6 +20,24 @@ This produces an executable file named `_stage2/menhir.native`.
`make bootstrap` occasionally fails for no good reason. In that case,
use `make clean` before attempting `make bootstrap` again.
## Testing
To run Menhir's test suite, just go down into the `test` directory
and type `make test`. The package `functory` is required; install
it first via `opam install functory`.
The subdirectory `test/good` contains a number of correct `.mly` files.
The test suite checks that Menhir accepts these files and
compares the output of `menhir --only-preprocess` against an expected output.
It does not check that Menhir actually produces a working parser.
The subdirectory `test/bad` contains a number of incorrect `.mly` files.
The test suite checks that Menhir rejects these files
and produces the expected error message.
Some performance and correctness checks can be found in the directory `quicktest`;
see [quicktest/README](quicktest/README).
## About the Module Ordering
Some toplevel modules have side effects and must be executed in the
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