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Discussion with Frédéric Bour.

parent 6b798562
* Discussion with Frédéric Bour.
- clean up tabs -> spaces, remove trailing spaces. (use emacs in batch mode, or sed)
check that my .emacs produces only spaces
- annotations/attributes in .mly files
- SDK, exposing a dump of Grammar/Lr0/Lr1
- Engine: offer richer API
new stack inspection API, without streams
stack_next pourrait renvoyer une somme (stack + initial)
allows comparing stacks
allows exposing current state even when it is an initial state?
meta-initial state with transition to the real initial states?
remonter aussi la fonction element: 'a checkpoint -> int -> element de CompCert
parameterize the type 'a env again
and offer val input_needed : 'a env -> 'a checkpoint
val pop: 'a env -> 'a env option
val feed_symbol: 'a symbol -> -> 'a -> pos -> pos -> 'b env -> 'b env (* peut échouer si la transition n'existe pas *)
val force_reduction: production -> 'a env -> 'a env (* unsafe actuellement; need a bitmap of which productions can safely be reduced in each state *)
val default_reduction: _ lr1state -> production option
bijection entre production et int
- incompatibility avec ocamlyacc: Menhir discards the token when entering
error mode, ocamlyacc doesn't.
- allow splitting a nonterminal symbol (in a file or over multiple files).
with an explicit keyword?
* Look into the format of bison's tables, and see if we could produce
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