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Modified to print actual paths.

parent a6d97d4f
......@@ -302,7 +302,7 @@ let backward s ((s', z) : Q.t) (get : Q.t -> property) : property =
let es = ref 0
exception Success of property
let arriere (s', z) : bool =
let arriere (s', z) : property =
let module G = struct
type vertex = Q.t
let equal v1 v2 = v1 v2 = 0
......@@ -334,30 +334,30 @@ let arriere (s', z) : bool =
end in
let module D = Dijkstra.Make(G) in
try (fun (distance, (v', _), _path) -> (fun (distance, (v', _), path) ->
incr es;
if !es mod 10000 = 0 then
Printf.fprintf stderr "es = %d\n%!" !es;
if Lr1.incoming_symbol v' = None then
raise (Success (P.Finite (distance, Seq.empty))) (* TEMPORARY keep path *)
let path = snd path in
raise (Success (P.Finite (distance, Seq.concat path))) (* TEMPORARY keep path *)
Printf.fprintf stderr "Unreachable.\n%!";
with Success _ ->
Printf.fprintf stderr "Got it.\n%!";
with Success p ->
let arriere s' : bool =
let arriere s' : property =
Printf.fprintf stderr
"Attempting to reach an error in state %d:\n%!"
(Lr1.number s');
Terminal.fold (fun z accu ->
accu ||
causes_an_error s' z &&
arriere (s', z)
) false
foreach_terminal_until_finite (fun z ->
if causes_an_error s' z then
P.add (arriere (s', z)) (P.singleton z)
(* Debugging wrapper. TEMPORARY *)
let bs = ref 0
......@@ -398,7 +398,7 @@ let backward s' : property =
(Lr1.number s) (Lr1.number s');
foreach_terminal_until_finite (fun z ->
if causes_an_error s z then
if causes_an_error s' z then
P.add (backward s (s', z)) (P.singleton z)
......@@ -412,10 +412,16 @@ let backward s' : property =
let () =
Lr1.iter (fun s' ->
let p = arriere s' in
(* Printf.fprintf stderr "%s\n%!" (P.print Terminal.print p); *)
Printf.fprintf stderr "%b\n%!" p;
Printf.fprintf stderr "%s\n%!" (P.print Terminal.print p);
Printf.fprintf stderr "Questions asked so far: %d\n" !qs;
Printf.fprintf stderr "Backward searches so far: %d\n" !bs;
Printf.fprintf stderr "Edges so far: %d\n" !es
does it make sense to use A*?
use [MINIMAL] and [Dijkstra] to compute an under-approximation of the distance
of any state [s'] to an entry state
It should work very well, because most of the time this should be a very good
under-approximation (it should be equal to the true distance).
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