Commit 90ddced9 authored by POTTIER Francois's avatar POTTIER Francois

Simplified the handling of precedence levels in [UnparameterizedPrinter].

parent 9b808ece
......@@ -72,30 +72,24 @@ let print_tokens mode b g =
) g.tokens;
(* Sort the tokens wrt. precedence. *)
let ordered_tokens = List.sort compare_tokens (StringMap.bindings g.tokens) in
(* Print the precedence declarations: %left, %right, %nonassoc.
This code is a bit trickier than I would like. *)
let last_prop : token_properties option ref = ref None in
List.iter (fun (token, (prop : token_properties)) ->
match !last_prop with
| Some prop' when prop.tk_precedence = prop'.tk_precedence ->
(* Continue an existing declaration. *)
Printf.fprintf b "%s " token
| _ ->
if prop.tk_precedence = UndefinedPrecedence then
assert (!last_prop = None)
else begin
(* This is a new priority level. End the previous declaration,
if there was one, then produce a new declaration. *)
if !last_prop <> None then
Printf.fprintf b "\n";
Printf.fprintf b "%s %s "
(print_assoc prop.tk_associativity) token;
last_prop := Some prop
) ordered_tokens;
Printf.fprintf b "\n"
(* Sort the tokens wrt. precedence, and group them into levels. *)
let levels : (string * token_properties) list list =
Misc.levels compare_tokens (List.sort compare_tokens (
StringMap.bindings g.tokens
(* Print the precedence declarations: %left, %right, %nonassoc. *)
List.iter (fun level ->
let (_token, prop) = try List.hd level with Failure _ -> assert false in
(* Do nothing about the tokens that have no precedence. *)
if prop.tk_precedence <> UndefinedPrecedence then begin
Printf.fprintf b "%s" (print_assoc prop.tk_associativity);
List.iter (fun (token, _prop) ->
Printf.fprintf b " %s" token
) level;
Printf.fprintf b "\n"
) levels
let print_types mode b g =
StringMap.iter (fun symbol ty ->
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