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Franois Pottier <>
Yann Rgis-Gianas <>
"menhir --depend" was broken since someone added new whitespace in the output
of ocamldep. Fixed.
Fixed a compilation problem that would arise when a file produced
by Menhir on a 64-bit platform was compiled by ocaml on a 32-bit
Performance improvements in the computation of various information
about the automaton (module [Invariant]). The improvements will be
noticeable only for very large automata.
The option --log-grammar 3 (and above) now causes the FOLLOW sets for
*terminal* symbols to be computed and displayed.
Added the flag --canonical, which causes Menhir to produce a canonical LR(1)
automaton in the style of Knuth. This means that no merging of states takes
place during the construction of the automaton, and that no default reductions
are allowed.
Fixed a bug whereby a %nonassoc declaration was not respected. This
declaration requests that a shift/reduce conflict be reduced in favor of
neither shifting nor reducing, that is, a syntax error must occur. However,
due to an unforeseen interaction with the "default reduction" mechanism, this
declaration was sometimes ignored and reduction would take place.
Changes in the (undocumented) Coq back-end so as to match the ESOP 2012
The Makefile now tests whether Unix or Windows is used (the test is performed
by evaluating Sys.os_type under ocaml) and changes a couple settings accordingly:
- the executable file name is either menhir or menhir.exe
- the object file suffix is either .o or .obj
Added --strict, which causes many warnings about the grammar and about the
automaton to be considered errors.
The # annotations that are inserted in the generated .ml file now retain their
full path. (That is, we no longer use [Filename.basename].) This implies that
the # annotations depend on how menhir is invoked -- e.g. "menhir
foo/bar.mly" and "cd foo && menhir bar.mly" will produce different
results. Nevertheless, this seems reasonable and useful (e.g. in conjunction
with ocamlbuild and a hierarchy of files). Thanks to Daniel Weil.
With the -lg 1 switch, Menhir now indicates whether the grammar is SLR(1).
Removed the lock in ocamldep.wrapper. It is the responsibility of the user
to avoid interferences with other processes (or other instances of the script)
that create and/or remove files.
The (internal) computation of the automaton's invariant was broken and has
been fixed. Surprisingly, this does not seem to affect the generated code,
(which was correct,) so no observable bug is fixed. Hopefully no bug is
The grammar description files (.mly) are now read in up front and stored in
memory while they are parsed. This allows us to avoid the use of pos_in and
seek_in, which do not work correctly when CRLF conversion is being performed.
Fixed a bug in the type inference module (for parameterized non-terminals)
which would cause an infinite loop.
Fixed a bug that would cause an assertion failure in the generated parser
in some situations where the input stream was incorrect and the grammar
involved the error token. The fix might cause grammars that use the error
token to behave differently (hopefully more accurately) as of now.
Makefile changes: build and install only the bytecode version of menhirLib
when TARGET=byte is set.
Fixed ocamldep.wrapper to avoid quoting the name of the ocaml command.
This is hoped to fix a compilation problem under MinGW.
A Makefile fix to avoid a problem under Windows/Cygwin.
Renamed the ocaml-check-version script so as to avoid a warning.
Ocaml summer project: added --interpret, --table, and --suggest-*.
Fixed a problem that would cause the code inliner to abort when a semantic
value and a non-terminal symbol happened to have the same name.
Removed code sharing.
Removed an incorrect assertion that caused failures (, line 134).
Disabled code sharing by default, as it is currently broken. (See Yann's
message; assertion failure at runtime.)
Added an optimization to share code among states that have identical
outgoing transition tables.
Small Makefile change: create an executable file for check-ocaml-version in
order to work around the absence of dynamic loading on some platforms.
Made a fundamental change in the construction of the LR(1) automaton
in order to eliminate a bug that could lead to spurious conflicts --
thanks to Ketti for submitting a bug report.
Added --follow-construction to help understand the construction of the
LR(1) automaton (very verbose).
Code generation: more explicit qualifications with Pervasives so as
to avoid capture when the user redefines some of the built-in operators,
such as (+).
Added a new demo (calc-param) that shows how to use %parameter.
Makefile improvements (check for PREFIX; bootstrap in bytecode now
also available). Slight changes to OMakefile.shared.
Portability fix in Makefile and Makefile.shared (avoided "which").