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# Changes
## 2018/05/23
* New commands `--infer-write-query`, `--infer-read-reply`, and
`--infer-protocol-supported`. These commands remove the need
for Menhir to invoke `ocamlc` and `ocamldep` behind the scenes,
and make it easier to write correct build rules for Menhir projects.
The command line options `--infer`, `--raw-depend` and `--depend`
remain supported, but are no longer preferred. (Suggested by
Fabrice Le Fessant.)
* Remove the warning that was issued when `%inline` was used but `--infer`
was turned off. Most people should use a build system that knows how to
enable OCaml type inference, such as `ocamlbuild` or `dune`.
## 2017/12/22
* Add a flag `--unused-precedence-levels` to suppress all warnings about
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