Commit 794d0cde authored by POTTIER Francois's avatar POTTIER Francois
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Turned [LRijkstra] into a functor, delaying its side effects.

parent bdc39e5f
......@@ -28,8 +28,22 @@
have to create a first error in order to be able to take certain
transitions or drop certain parts of the input. *)
(* ------------------------------------------------------------------------ *)
(* To delay the side effects performed by this module, we wrap everything in
in a big functor without arguments. *)
module Run (X : sig end) = struct
open Grammar
module W = Terminal.Word(struct end) (* TEMPORARY wrap side effect in functor *)
(* ------------------------------------------------------------------------ *)
(* Build a module that represents words as (hash-consed) strings. Note:
this functor application has a side effect (it allocates memory, and
more importantly, it may fail). *)
module W = Terminal.Word(struct end)
(* ------------------------------------------------------------------------ *)
......@@ -934,8 +948,6 @@ let forward () =
(Lr1.NodeSet.cardinal !seen);
(* TEMPORARY the code in this module should run only if --coverage is set *)
let () =
let f = forward() in
Time.tick "Forward search";
......@@ -948,8 +960,8 @@ let () =
(* TODO:
can we store fewer facts when we hit a default reduction?
subject to --coverage
write to .coverage file
remove Coverage, remove CompletedNatWitness?, revert Fix
write to .coverage file or to standard output?
remove CompletedNatWitness?, revert Fix
collect performance data, correlated with star size and alphabet size; draw a graph
count the unreachable states and see if they are numerous in practice
optionally report several ways of reaching an error in state s
......@@ -959,3 +971,4 @@ let () =
and evaluate how well (or how badly) it scales
(* The purpose of this algorithm is to find, for each pair of a state [s]
and a terminal symbol [z] such that looking at [z] in state [s] causes
an error, a minimal path (starting in some initial state) that actually
triggers this error. *)
(* The output of this analysis is written to a .coverage file. No result
is returned. *)
module Run (X : sig end) : sig end
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