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Add an example of creating a graph using pgfplots.

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export TEXINPUTS=.:..:
.PHONY: all clean
pdflatex plot
@ rm -f `cat .gitignore`
@ rm -f *~
% Figure width:
% Horizontal axis settings:
log basis x=10,
xlabel={Size of LR(1) automaton (\#states)},
scaled x ticks=false,
x tick label style={/pgf/number format/fixed},
% Vertical axis settings:
log basis y=10,
ylabel={Construction time (seconds)},
% Appearance:
black,only marks,mark=o,
% Data filtering:
discard if not symbolic={mode}{pager}
table[col sep=comma,
% Horizontal axis data:
% Vertical axis data:
% Data filtering:
restrict expr to domain={rawy}{0.05:60},
\caption{Efficiency of Pager's algorithm}
% Possible values of the mark field:
% + (cross)
% o (white bullet)
% * (black bullet)
% triangle (white triangle)
% triangle* (black triangle)
% square* (black square)
% Possible values of the xmode and ymode fields:
% normal (linear)
% log (logarithmic)
% Instead of y=lr1time,
% one can also say
% y expr={\thisrow{lr1time}}
% Instead of restrict y to domain={0.05}{60},
% one can also say
% restrict expr to domain={\thisrow{lr1time}}{0.05:60}
% For numeric comparisons:
discard if not/.style 2 args={
x filter/.code={
% For symbolic comparisons:
discard if symbolic/.style 2 args={
filter discard warning=false,
x filter/.code={
discard if not symbolic/.style 2 args={
filter discard warning=false,
x filter/.code={
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