Commit 731ba773 authored by POTTIER Francois's avatar POTTIER Francois
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Updated demos/calc-dune for dune 1.4.

parent cbac4f77
.PHONY: all clean test
DUNE := jbuilder
DUNE := dune
EXECUTABLE := calc.exe
This demo is identical to the "calc" demo,
but uses dune (a.k.a. jbuilder)
instead of ocamlbuild.
This demo is identical to the `calc` demo
but uses dune instead of ocamlbuild.
(modules lexer)
(modules parser)
(flags ("-la" "2"))
(name calc)
(lang dune 1.4)
(using menhir 2.0)
(jbuild_version 1)
(ocamllex (lexer))
; TODO: missing a simpler form to invoke menhir
(menhir (
(modules (parser))
(flags ("-la" "2"))
((name calc))
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