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Commit 71afdfb2 authored by POTTIER Francois's avatar POTTIER Francois

It is OK to have unexplainable conflicts in --lalr mode.

parent 1f316cb3
......@@ -481,11 +481,18 @@ let () =
Printf.fprintf out "\n\
** Conflict (unexplainable) in state %d.\n\
** Token%s involved: %s\n\
** Internal failure (Pager's theorem).\n\
** Please send your grammar to Menhir's developers.\n%!"
** %s.\n%!"
(Lr1.number node)
(if TerminalSet.cardinal toks > 1 then "s" else "")
(TerminalSet.print toks)
(match Settings.construction_mode with
| Settings.ModeLALR ->
"This may be an artificial conflict caused by your use of --lalr"
| Settings.ModeCanonical
| Settings.ModeInclusionOnly
| Settings.ModePager ->
"Please send your grammar to Menhir's developers"
Time.tick "Explaining conflicts"
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