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......@@ -4137,7 +4137,7 @@ This material should be of interest only to authors of build systems
who wish to build support for \menhir into their system.
Ordinary users should skip this section and use a build system that knows
about \menhir, such as \dune (preferred) or \ocamlbuild.
about \menhir, such as \hyperlink{dune}{\dune} (preferred) or \ocamlbuild.
\subsection{\ocaml type inference and dependency analysis}
......@@ -4461,7 +4461,7 @@ time spent in the lexer and in the semantic actions.
This can a bit tricky. % understatement
If you must do this, see \sref{sec:build}.
It is recommended instead to use a build system
with built-in support for \menhir, such as \dune (preferred)
with built-in support for \menhir, such as \hyperlink{dune}{\dune} (preferred)
or \ocamlbuild.
\question{How do I use \menhir with \ocamlbuild?}
......@@ -4487,7 +4487,8 @@ use the rules provided in the file \distrib{demos/ocamlbuild/}.
% use .mlypack + _tags + Not explained here,
% but \distrib{demos/ocamlbuild/calc-two} contains an example.
\question{How do I use \menhir with \dune?} Please use \dune version 1.4.0
\question{How do I use \menhir with \dune?}} Please use \dune version 1.4.0
or newer, as it has appropriate built-in rules for Menhir parsers. In the
simplest scenario, where the parser resides in a single source
file \texttt{parser.mly}, the \texttt{dune-project} file should contain a
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