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Removed a couple assertions in [T.register]. Cleanup.

parent 0094c751
......@@ -555,7 +555,12 @@ end = struct
matrix indexed by [current] and [z]. At the second level, we find sets of
facts, where two facts are considered equal if they have the same triple of
[position], [a], and [z]. In fact, we know at this level that all facts
have the same [z] component, so only [position] and [a] are compared. *)
have the same [z] component, so only [position] and [a] are compared.
Because our facts satisfy invariant 2, [z] is [any] if and only if the
state [current fact] is solid. This means that we are wasting quite a
lot of space in the matrix (for a solid state, the whole line is empty,
except for the [any] column). *)
(* The level-2 sets. *)
......@@ -577,7 +582,6 @@ end = struct
let table =
Array.make (Lr1.n * Terminal.n) M.empty
(* TEMPORARY this space is wasted for solid states *)
let index current z =
Terminal.n * (Lr1.number current) + Terminal.t2i z
......@@ -587,9 +591,6 @@ end = struct
let register fact =
let current = current fact in
let z = fact.lookahead in
assert (non_error z);
(* [z] is [any] iff [current] is solid. *)
assert ((z = any) = is_solid current);
let i = index current z in
let m = table.(i) in
(* We crucially rely on the fact that [M.add] guarantees not to
......@@ -604,9 +605,11 @@ end = struct
let query current z f =
assert (z <> any);
(* if [current] is solid then the facts that concern it are stored
under [any], not under [z] *)
assert (not (Terminal.equal z any));
(* If the state [current] is solid then the facts that concern it are
stored in the column [any], and all of them are compatible with [z].
Otherwise, they are stored in all columns except [any], and only
those stored in the column [z] are compatible with [z]. *)
let i = index current (if is_solid current then any else z) in
let m = table.(i) in
M.iter f m
......@@ -686,7 +689,7 @@ end = struct
let rec query s nt a z f =
assert (Terminal.real z);
(* [a] can be [any] *)
if a <> any then begin
if not (Terminal.equal a any) then begin
let i = index s in
let m = table.(i) in
let key = pack nt a z in
......@@ -816,7 +819,7 @@ let consequences fact =
[fact.lookahead], so we record that. *)
if fact.lookahead <> any then begin
if not (Terminal.equal fact.lookahead any) then begin
match has_reduction current fact.lookahead with
| Some prod when Trie.accepts prod fact.position ->
new_edge (source fact) (Production.nt prod) fact.word fact.lookahead
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